Millix (MLX)

millix is an open source cryptocurrency project. millix is fully decentralized, designed for simplicity, transacts at very high speed and very large scale.

work began on the project in spring of 2018 by a diverse group of developers and business professionals. their motivation to create a cryptocurrency protocol with the use case potential of millix came from their backgrounds building:

fundamentally, there was a recognition that

“all activity benefits from trusted

transactions at scale”

which influenced the following set of first principles:

to the extent there is an inverted correlation between utility and a store of value, millix is not intended to compete with the use case or feature set of blockchain projects. the utility that comes from scale and speed has been prioritized, leading to the principles and methodologies described above.

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case study: the speed and scale of millix

Developers: millix certification for technical and non-technical careers


the total allocation of 9,000,000,000,000,000 mlx (nine quadrillion millix) were created in a genesis event on January 20th , 2020. millix is not being offered directly for sale. instead it will be distributed to participants who support and improve the millix ecosystem.

participants running millix software constantly receive millix for performing protocol related tasks that improve the millix ecosystem, such as storing transaction data and verifying transactions.

the economy is envisioned to allow any participant to incentivize any computing activity by any other participant via fees.

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use case: millix turns unused computer power into income


unlike blockchain cryptocurrencies, millix is built on the logic of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) for transaction speed and capacity that increases as more transactions and users are added.

millix is original work and was not built on a copied code base of existing work. millix has no points of centralization. millix has no designed bottlenecks. millix has no hierarchy of participants of capabilities. millix data is natively sharded.

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developers: full API documentation and tutorials


the initial millix road map consisted of the following themes:

developers: contribute to the millix project


2018development began

2019build, test, break

2020genesis event Jan. 20. The total supply of nine
quadrillion millix created

proven: DAG operates without centralization is first Layer 2 application

millix runs on raspberry pi

achieved blockchain style state of the network

tangled browser is second Layer 2 app

public beta release Dec 21

20221,000,000th millix transaction

> 100,000 transactions in one day

Advertisers: >200k payments per day

14,000+ nodes installed on the network is 3rd app built on millix is 4th app built on millix is 5th app built on millix

Nodes operate in light mode

data stored on the DAG

NFTs stored using millix

Tangled social is 6th app built on millix

WMLX bridge between MLX and ETH

get started

millix is available to download for windows, mac, and linux at