Faucets and Earning Sites

These are the best earning sites I have found. If you are looking for a way to earn Crypto every day without having to invest then I suggest checking all of these sites out. A lot of these sites allow quicker withdraw when you use FaucetPay, so remember to set up your FaucetPay wallet first! If you do not know about FaucetPay then check it out in my wallet section. 

This is one of my favorite sites to earn from. Earn from over 20 different types of Crypto. Withdraw to FaucetPay.

Cointiply is an amazing earning site where you can earn BTC, DOGE, DASH, and LTC

CoinPayU is another site that allows you to earn BTC from clicking ads.  Withdraw to FaucetPay.

adBTC is a site that allows you to earn BTC from clicking ads. Withdraw to FaucetPay. I just click the ads over 3.5 sats. I have noticed the lower paying ads will bring you to malicious websites sometimes.

Earn ZEC every 24 hours! You will earn more every day if you stay consistent! I suggest setting up a Coinomi wallet for this one.


You can earn Crypto, gift cards, or PayPal money by watching videos, surveys, and other great ways. Also spin a wheel every 24 hours for free rewards!

FaucetCrypto allows you to earn over 20 different types of Crypto. Sometimes you have to wait for the withdraw wallets to be filled but patience is a virtue as they say. 

The best microwallet for earning Crypto online. Easy to use and has its own Crypto called FEY.