Check out my NFT art. Any money I make from my NFTs will be put towards my website and gear to help make better videos. I will post new NFTs as much as possible. NFTs will only be made on the DeSo Blockchain from now on so come and check out and be a part of the Decentralized Social Blockchain!


Drawn by yours truly. It shows how old money is being turned into Bitcoin which was the coin that started it all. As time went on the people of Crypto decdied to start creating other coins using the tech of Bitcoin. War is brewing and war and Crypto is going to change the world forever.

-This is just a drawing and has nothing to do with anything violent. Just using my imagination to try to create something different. I will try to draw a drawing every month and turn it into an NFT. It will be nice to watch my progress through NFTs.

Check out the rest of my NFTs using the link below. I will be posting a couple new ones every week.